Month: January 2009

Guest post by Elham Bidgoli When we first started the UofT chapter, we jumped at any opportunity to collaborate with other student groups. Amnesty? We’d love to help with your bake sale. International Health Program? We want a table at your conference. Bollywood Association? We’ve always dreamed of working with you. When you are new… Read More

Imagine. You are in a crowded room near home surrounded by your mother, father, aunt and uncle, their kids and some close friends. The doors are locked. You hear men’s voices outside. You know that they have guns. You are scared and wonder, “what is going to happen to me?” Now, you hear banging on… Read More

It has been four years since one moment changed my life. Acol Dor, a Sudanese refugee, stunned an audience of 200 young people with her story of Darfur. As the crowd sat silenced, one student stood up and said “I think we all agree. We need to do something about this.” That was the flap… Read More

I’m sorry to have been so derelict in my blogging duties of late, but luckily there are many Stand’ers out there doing really interesting, inspiring things to cover for me. The blog post below was written by Anne Wagner, a Stand leader who just returned from her second trip to Sudan. Anne is consistently one… Read More

Stand’er Josh Scheinert has an opinion piece in the Canadian Jewish News that is a must-read. The Stand blog has it in all its glory. Thanks, Josh, for spreading the word!… Read More

Here are some Susan Rice quotes to get us all excited about Obama’s inauguration, courtesy of the Save Darfur Coalition. (Susan Rice is the incoming US Ambassador to the United Nations) “The Bush administration has remonstrated for five years about the genocide in Darfur. Yet we have imposed only the mildest of sanctions, and we… Read More

Stand Director of Operations and all-around smart guy Yoni Levitan recently commented on one of my posts, saying that in his mind the situation in Darfur is just about “ripe” for resolution. If he had known how long I stayed up researching that concept for my thesis in senior year, he may have chosen different… Read More

Ruth Gonzales, a reader of this blog, recently contacted me with a great idea about recommended books for people interested in learning more Darfur, Rwanda, and the history of genocide. She also very generously sent a list of recommended books to me, which I have been hoping to compile for some time but of course… Read More

The more I read about Sudan, the more there is to read about Sudan. How can one country be so complicated? I have recently been given the privilege of reading a briefing paper about one expert’s opinions about the future of Sudan. Unfortunately, I am still awaiting the word as to whether I am allowed… Read More

There is an article in a recent New Yorker that gives a really good anecdotal account of life in the refugee camps in Chad. It’s a long read but full of first hand accounts, historical narratives, and in-depth commentary on the situation along the border between Sudan and Chad. It begins with this juicy line…… Read More