Month: March 2009

USA Today reports that President Bashir is now kicking out every aid group in Sudan within the next year. I guess once you start, it’s difficult to stop. I worry that this is a slippery slippery slope. And with the entire world caught up in debates over financial stimulus measures, Bashir has a free pass… Read More

The New York Times Nicholas Kristof was among the first journalists to report extensively on Darfur, and his writings contributed immensely to a gradually expanding awareness of the volatile region. However, like many reporters, Kristof described the conflict as a struggle between Arab rulers and ‘black Africans.’ While Kristof glossed over the more complex realities… Read More

Apparently, the latest must-have fashion accessory for Western countries is…a special envoy to Afghanistan. Now that the United States, Britain, France, and Germany have them, it seems that Canada needs one as well, for fear of being left behind in the race to wield influence on the world stage. This begs the following question: why… Read More

A defiant Omar El-Bashir (right) threatens further repercussions for his indictment by the International Criminal Court (Reuters) Check out the Executive Director’s Corner on the Save Darfur website. I have included some of the action alert below. 16 aid organizations expelled from Darfur in response to the ICC indictment of President Omar El-Bashir… Read More

This is a letter from a prominent Sudanese human rights defender. Service to God is Service to Humanity To: Every kind and loving heart, to help alleviate the suffering of people through peace and Justice I am born of Darfur soil. I am Darfurian and I am a Sudanese human rights defender. I am a… Read More

Dear xxxx, As you may have heard in the news, one the implications of an arrest warrant against the president of Sudan has seen Save the Children US (SCUS) along with 12 other major NGO’s getting expelled by a presidential decree earlier today.… Read More

Guest Post by Jan Kool “Canada protects us. Canada feeds us. Canada covers us with blankets. We will protect Canada. We are Canadian.” These words come from Muhammad Abkar, a Darfuri refugee who came to Canada in 2007, and who was recently part of a meeting between STAND Western and members of London’s local Sudanese… Read More