Month: October 2009

Post by regular Stand contributor, Alexa Huffman The New York Times are reporting that “Obama Drops Plans to Isolate Sudan Leaders” Originally in Obama’s campaign, he promised to have a tough crackdown on Sudan, isolating the government and introducing tougher sanctions, which would pressure Sudan to end the crisis in Darfur. Now Obama has decided… Read More

The October 2009 issue is now available. Stand Canada’s Darfur Digest is a report which contains analysis on current events relevant to the crisis in Darfur and offers a unique Canadian perspective. This month, the digest chronicles developments in four areas: The Negotiations and Peace Process, Humanitarian Affairs and Security, The Friends of UNAMID, and… Read More

Vote for google to give money to create a genocide early warning system! AND BREAKING NEWS: Canada supplies Darfur peacekeepers with equipment… Read More