Month: November 2010

The Stand Chapter Digest is dedicated to connecting Stand members across the country by sharing news, events and advocacy ideas. This month’s issue features an overview of our policy recommendations, a feature on the Falling Whistles campaign and more! Plus, a very special shoutout to two of our chapters! Download the pdf here.… Read More

by Lindsay Broadfield As I work with my high school chapters on a day to day basis, we generally focus on the normal things – planning events, booking speakers, fundraising, etc. While this all sounds part and parcel with what we do here at Stand on the chapter level, I occasionally like to highlight to… Read More

Earlier this week, Laurie Drake, Stand’s University Chapter Director, wrote a very profound piece on the difference between “leadership” and “management,” and related it to why Stand has continued to exist for as long as it has. Laurie pointed out that Stand exists because it is a leader in its own field which seeks to… Read More

by Laurie Drake Two weeks ago, I attended a lecture given by Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire during which he discussed the importance of leading the future instead of managing it.  As I was sitting in the auditorium, the difference between these two words, which I previously tended to conflate, became more clear.  As Dallaire eloquently explained,… Read More

About six months ago, I asked a close friend to look-over my résumé when preparing to look for summer work. When commenting about my work in activism, she gave me some advice. “Maybe tone down the emphasis on political volunteer stuff,” she said when emailing my résumé back to me. “When people think politics and… Read More

The vote came and went without major incident. Each party had an observer at every polling station to ensure their ballots were being counted properly. International observers were also present in many places, and indicated their satisfaction at the calm, patient and generally fair manner in which the election proceeded, barring a few minor logistical… Read More

by Lisa Pires “You have the power to change the world.” We, as young people, hear that phrase all the time from our parents, teachers and mentors. Most of you probably shrug off the notion – sure, you could probably help improve the lives of the people around you by volunteering at a food bank… Read More