Month: December 2010

This month we continue to look at the issues facing the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Southern Sudan, and continue to explore developments in three areas: The Negotiations and Peace Process, Humanitarian Affairs and Security, and Darfur in Canadian Politics. Download the PDF here. Open publication – Free publishing – More stand… Read More

Friends, This year you made hundreds of calls and sent even more emails to the Government of Canada, encouraging our leaders to make peace in Sudan a priority. Yesterday, in a statement welcoming the latest commitment made by the JEM to negotiate a ceasefire with the Government of Sudan, the Canadian government stated that “Sudan… Read More

by Alexa Huffman It is hard to find a university campus that doesn’t have activist groups. The university I attend, Ryerson University, has many campus groups including an active chapter of Journalists for Human Rights. So it comes as no surprise to me when I read about U.S. university students taking the initiative to help… Read More

Friends, There is exactly one month left until the South Sudanese Referendum. In 31 days, Sudan will hold a historic election to determine if South Sudan will become an independent country. Thanks to your support this year, Stand Canada has spent the months leading up to the election reminding the Canadian government that we care… Read More

As Stand continues to push Canada to make responding to and preventing genocide a cornerstone of its foreign policy, it is worthwhile to briefly reflect on some of the goods and bads of the genocide response world. The Good In comparison to past genocides, advocacy groups now have the strength of online communication to mobilize… Read More

It looked promising. A face to face debate between the two candidates days before the second round of elections featured set two minute response times to each question to curtail any cutting off or interruptions and ended in a handshake and gentle embrace between Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara. They laughed and joked with each… Read More