Month: January 2011

You’ve no doubt heard about blood diamonds by now and are vaguely familiar with this concept. What you may or may not be aware of is that several other products have blood on them as well.… Read More

By Alexa Huffman As Southern Sudan ended its independence referendum on Saturday, it was clear that this was a humanitarian situation that gained some exposure partly because of celebrity activism. Comedian Jon Stewart recently brought up Sudan during a segment on his late night satirical television program the Daily Show. He used comedy to inform… Read More

Friends, Today, Sudan will undergo a historic vote that will change the future of their country. Experts agree that the referendum beginning today will result in approval for independence for southern Sudan. Yet the vote is only the first step in splitting this vast nation. Violence in border regions between the North and South have… Read More

This month we continue to look at the issues facing the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Southern Sudan, and continue to explore developments in three areas: The Negotiations and Peace Process, Humanitarian Affairs and Security, and Darfur in Canadian Politics. Download the PDF here. Open publication – Free publishing – More darfur… Read More