Month: February 2011

ACTION ALERT Friends, The world seems to be changing all around us. From regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt, to reports this week of protests in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Algeria and Iran, citizens across the world who are dissatisfied with their leaders are voicing their unrest. And the world is taking notice. In line with… Read More

The Southern Sudanese independence referendum ended on Jan. 15, closing with an overwhelming majority voting yes to independence for South Sudan. But does that mean that Sudan will operate peacefully on the road to South Sudan’s secession? The country already had problems at the end of January with UN sources saying that the Sudanese army… Read More

This month we review last month’s referendum and examine its repercussions on North and South Sudan. We also continue to explore developments in three areas: The Negotiations and Peace Process, Humanitarian Affairs and Security, and Darfur in Canadian Politics. Download the pdf here.… Read More