Join STAND Canada for our annual National Leadership Conference next month in Toronto. Network with STAND advocates from across the nation and develop the leadership skills you require to become a confident anti-genocide advocate. We’ll hear from experts in anti-genocide advocacy and learn about Canada’s strategic role in taking a STAND. The conference is from… Read More

Over the past four years, I have had the privilege of joining a network of anti-genocide advocates from across the nation with the collective mandate of making fighting genocide a cornerstone of Canadian foreign policy. I am now able to reflect in awe upon an organization comprised solely of volunteers who are able to mobilize… Read More

Friends of STAND, I am excited to introduce you to someone many of you already know, Monica Chakravarty, in her new role as Principal Director.┬áMonica has been working closely with me in running the organization over the past year, and her enthusiasm and vision for the potential of our organization are inspiring. I am confident… Read More

This month we examine new developments in South Sudan, Sudan and Canadian Politics, and the resurgence of violence in the Sudan border regions. A special opinion piece on Sudan and International Security politics is included. Download pdf here.… Read More