Month: March 2012

Last month we sent out an action alert outlining the dire situation in the Nuba Mountains and the possibility of this crisis echoing that of Darfur. Unfortunately, the situation continues to worsen. The Sudanese government has been launching aerial attacks on the civilian populations in the Nuba Mountains and this has prevented the Nuba People from growing food which is… Read More

SUDAN George Clooney Arrested for Protesting Outside of Sudanese Embassy American movie star George Clooney was arrested outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington, D.C. today, along with his father and others, who assembled to protest against the Sudanese government’s refusal to allow humanitarian food and supplies to reach civilians living in the war-torn Blue Nile… Read More

STAND Canada has recently launched the Conflict Free Campus Initiative (CFCI) which aims at securing a commitment from university administrations to purchase conflict-free electronics and thereby preventing the funding of the war in the Congo. It’s time for campuses to start raising awareness about this issue and working towards creating consumer demand for conflict free… Read More

On Wednesday, we launched our new Conflict-Free Campus Initiative: a nation-wide campaign to build a consumer voice for a conflict-free Congo.  In less than one week, Apple will launch the iPad 3.  While we applaud Apple for its innovative leadership both with regards to technology and ethical standards, we want to encourage them to continue… Read More

In this month’s issue: the oil standoff between South Sudan and Sudan continues, with serious implications for South Sudan’s economy and ability to feed its population; South Sudan begins to review all existing oil contracts previously signed by Khartoum; and Sudan’s President Al-Bashir launches the  new Darfur Regional Authority. This month’s issue also features an… Read More

Earlier this year, STAND announced its New Year’s resolution: to help bring an end to genocide.  One of the first steps that we are taking towards achieving this resolution has been to broaden our range of regions.  In doing this, we hope to become an accessible source for education and action for all Canadians.  STAND… Read More

In our New Year’s resolution we urged you join us in helping us to end genocide. As we aim to become an accessible source for education and action for all Canadians, we are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership that will give STAND members in Canada a once in a life-time chance to go… Read More