Month: April 2012

Yesterday, April 24, 2012, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir stated that Sudan had “declared war” on the South. Negotiations between the two countries have increasingly been tense since South Sudan gained independence last July. Sudan has accused the South of aiding rebel groups against Sudan, a claim which both the government in Juba and the… Read More

For over five years, STAND Canada has researched and promoted a number of policy recommendations, that sought to bring an end to the conflict taking place in Sudan.  One of our most recent policy recommendations asked that a fact-finding mission be established in order to collect information and document human rights abuses and mass atrocities… Read More

In a recent article in the Globe & Mail, analysts discussed the benefits of ethical sourcing which included greater brand reputation and secure supply chains.  Any conversation on conflict minerals easily brings up the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  However, we often forget that the DRC is also a source for ethical conflict-free minerals. This… Read More

SUDAN Analyst: Sudan and South Sudan Engaged in Unofficial War Violence between Sudan and South Sudan surged this week when both countries attempted to assert control over the Heglig oilfield, cancelling plans for a summit between these countries’ respective presidents, Omar al Bashir and Slava Kiir. On Thursday, South Sudan accused its northern neighbour of… Read More

This month’s issue includes coverage of two days of the worst direct confrontation between Sudan and South Sudan since they separated last July; an exploration of the legal status dilemma faced by stateless citizens of Abyei attempting to flee from violence in the border region; and an analysis of the ICC’s first ever verdict at… Read More

For over a year, Syria has continued to be a horrific display of human rights abuses perpetrated by the Syrian government led by Bashar al- Assad. The atrocities began in March 2011 when Syrian citizens peacefully protested, demanding democracy and freedom.  The violence continues today with government forces shooting unarmed civilians and the military is… Read More