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Current Communications Director: Victoria Fleming and Charmaine Lee

Attention STAND supporters! Today (August 16th, 2015) marks the official launch of our national election campaign! As the 2015 Canadian Federal Election approaches, STAND will be ramping up its advocacy efforts in order to make sure that the issue of genocide prevention takes a central place in the ongoing campaign. To do this, we will be enlisting… Read More

Kitty Shephard, Blog Writer In recent years the United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping operations have been roundly criticized for their inability to respond effectively to international humanitarian crisis. However, recent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) decisions, and independent analysts’ reports on peacekeeping, give the international institution an opportunity to regain its status as a global protector.… Read More

Banke Kayode-Sorinwa, Blog Writer When will the children of South Sudan again run on their streets without fear? Is there any possibility they will attend schools like their peers in war-free countries do? Will those abducted ever be returned to their parents? These questions could go on unanswered.… Read More

Kitty Shephard, Blog Writer Sudan has been under the rule of President Omar Al-Bashir since 1989. Al-Bashir’s presidency, gained through a military coup, is widely viewed as illegitimate. His recent re-election extends his 25 year rule and has elicited varied responses from the international community. Internally, the National Elections Committee (NEC) reported cases of forgery… Read More