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Henry Paikin, Policy Researcher While we’ve all seen the viral video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeting refugees as they arrive at Pearson Airport with warm winter coats in hand — or heard the heart-warming news that a number of LGBT Syrians will march with the Prime Minister in Toronto’s upcoming Pride Parade — it… Read More

Special Policy Contribution – Policy Researcher Amy Reidy The stateless Rohingya ethnic minority has been described as some of ‘the world’s most persecuted people’. Recently their plight has been gaining international attention as thousands risk their lives to escape the systematic discrimination they face in Myanmar by fleeing to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Although this… Read More

Special Policy Guest Post by Nabiha Chowdhury, STAND Policy Researcher Canada’s federal elections are right around the corner and one of the most discussed topics has been the Syrian refugee crisis and ISIS. What does each party think of these situations? How are they going to tackle ISIS? Are refugees welcome on Canadian soil or not?… Read More

Special Policy Addition, Sho Shibata If war is an extension of politics, then politics is an extension of economics. South Sudan, befallen to a resource curse (paradox of plenty), teems with ongoing bouts of violence while oil investment persists in the background. As Solaye pointed out on the recent Munk Debate, party leaders did little… Read More