Author: STAND Canada

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has backed down from his threat to shutdown South Sudanese oil flow through Sudanese pipelines. In doing so he pledges to honour the agreements signed in March. South Sudan shutdown oil production 16 months ago in response to a disagreement between the two countries over the transit fees landlocked South Sudan… Read More

As I take the helm as STAND’s next Principal Director, I am mindful of how far we have come, and how much further we need to go. My work with STAND and anti-genocide advocacy since 2007 has led me to meet many interesting people from across the country. Whether from the streets of Toronto or… Read More

About six years ago, an anti-genocide advocate gave a presentation at my high school explaining the Darfur genocide that was occurring at the time. I was overcome with emotions: first, shock for not knowing about such a horrendous atrocity, next anger for how the world would let this happen, and then finally a drive to… Read More

Last time, we talked about meso level factors of restrain. Join us as today we discuss macro level factors! MACRO-LEVEL Macro-level sources of restraint include systems. In terms of political economy, for example, genocide carries high costs. It invites international condemnation and carries significant costs to a state’s reputation, it triggers international arrest warrants, and… Read More