Action Alert

Today is our coordinated nation-wide advocacy campaign. Fellow STAND advocates are currently meeting face-to-face with our Members of Parliament in Ottawa to discuss in detail the need for Canadians to support the Sudans. Today is our opportunity as a nation to let them know that the need for continuing to fund projects in the Sudans is an… Read More

As mentioned in our New Year’s message, STAND Canada is participating in an advocacy campaign aimed at targeting our Members of Parliament to vocalize that continued action in Sudan and South Sudan is important to Canadian citizens. With widespread funding cuts anticipated towards international engagements over the next couple of months, we have a small… Read More

On July 9th, we urge you to join us for the 2012 We Want Peace Rally. The We Want Peace 2012 Toronto Rally is dedicated to putting a spotlight on the Sudans in order to bring awareness and call for civilian protection and humanitarian aid to the people of Sudan and South Sudan.  We Want… Read More

A humanitarian catastrophe is quickly unraveling in Sudan where hundreds of thousands of lives of Nuba people are in danger. For one year the federal government has continued to carry out a mass counterinsurgency campaign in the region. Included in this campaign is a blockage of food shipments and restricted humanitarian aid. In addition to… Read More

Yesterday, April 24, 2012, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir stated that Sudan had “declared war” on the South. Negotiations between the two countries have increasingly been tense since South Sudan gained independence last July. Sudan has accused the South of aiding rebel groups against Sudan, a claim which both the government in Juba and the… Read More