Action Alert

For over a year, Syria has continued to be a horrific display of human rights abuses perpetrated by the Syrian government led by Bashar al- Assad. The atrocities began in March 2011 when Syrian citizens peacefully protested, demanding democracy and freedom.  The violence continues today with government forces shooting unarmed civilians and the military is… Read More

Last month we sent out an action alert outlining the dire situation in the Nuba Mountains and the possibility of this crisis echoing that of Darfur. Unfortunately, the situation continues to worsen. The Sudanese government has been launching aerial attacks on the civilian populations in the Nuba Mountains and this has prevented the Nuba People from growing food which is… Read More

Fellow advocates, Late last month, a fellow organization released photos exposing that the Sudanese government was gearing up to attack the Nuba people in Sudan’s South Kordofan state. Despite being widely distributed to international decision makers, these photos and warnings were ignored and the consequences of apathy have only lead to mass displacement and bloodshed… Read More

Violence has resulted from the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) November 28 presidential elections, with international monitors doubting the poll’s credibility and opposition parties organizing protests. Although official results state that President Joseph Kabila was re-elected, reports surfaced indicating that the electoral commission was more prone  to discard ballots in areas where opposition vote was… Read More

On Monday November 28, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will hold its second democratic election in 40 years. The UN oversaw Congo’s first democratic election in 2006 and was considered to be the first step towards a democratic transition.  Analysts say this year’s election is the true test of democracy. Instability and conflict are extremely… Read More