STAND Canada’s Executive Director, Scott Fenwick, issued the following statement in response to today’s defeat of a House of Commons motion condemning Islamic State’s crimes against humanity, use of sexual violence, and confirmation that their atrocities constitute genocide: Although this motion was defeated on the grounds that there is too little evidence proving that Islamic… Read More

Camilla Shearman, Blog Writer Recent reports on the financial revenue of the Islamic State (IS) show a thirty percent drop due to decreased oil production and lower tax revenue. The IHS analysis company found that revenue decreased from $80 million a month in the middle of last year to just $56 million in March of… Read More

Part two of a two part blog by STAND Canada Blog Writer Banke Sorinwa on the implementation of the Syrian ceasefire agreement. Click here to read part one. The physical conflict in Syria erupted five years ago in March 2011 following the arrest and torture of some teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall in… Read More

Camilla Shearman, Blog Writer Formally labelling a group’s actions as ‘genocide’ carries significant political consequences, including referring the case to the International Criminal Court, increasing efforts to address the crimes, and recognising the responsibility to protect (R2P) principle, which places the responsibility to stop the atrocities within the purview of the international community. On the… Read More

Sho Shibata, Blog Writer “When the modernist dream is embraced by an absolute power able to monopolize modern vehicles of rational action, and when that power attains freedom from effective social control, genocide follows” – Zygmunt Bauman (93-94, Modernity and the Holocaust) Large parts of Syria and Iraq today lay vastly in ruin, with humanitarian… Read More