By Nicholas Boland-Cairney, Blog Writer Progress in the international community is rarely an all-or-nothing phenomenon – and nowhere is that more obvious than in Myanmar. Time and again we hear whispers of hope from political actors and commentators, especially in regards to recent parliamentary elections in the country. The election of the National League for… Read More

A special guest blog post by Victoria Fleming, STAND Canada’s Chapters Co-Director What does it mean to live in a culture of impunity for sexual violence? Perhaps it’s a country where victim blaming is deeply engrained in a society’s understanding of gender-based crimes. Many might argue that it’s simply a product of living in a… Read More

Solaye Snider, Blog Writer In November of last year, many felt optimistic about prospects for real democracy in Myanmar as the National League for Democracy (NLD) won the country’s first free election in 25 years. In March, Htin Kyaw was elected as the nation’s first civilian president after over five decades of military rule. His election… Read More

Laura Truesdell, Blog Writer The Rohingya are no strangers to risking their lives in unsafe, rickety boats to seek safety. Those who have followed their plight would not be surprised to see members of this persecuted Muslim minority making a desperate journey across the sea seeking refuge from the threats faced in their own homes… Read More