Conflict Regions

Special Policy Guest Post by Nabiha Chowdhury, STAND Policy Researcher Canada’s federal elections are right around the corner and one of the most discussed topics has been the Syrian refugee crisis and ISIS. What does each party think of these situations? How are they going to tackle ISIS? Are refugees welcome on Canadian soil or not?… Read More

Special Policy Guest Post by Cyrus Gearhart Sie, STAND Policy Researcher The Rohingya of Myanmar seem doomed to fall through the cracks of history as so many other persecuted groups have in the past. The Rohingya are largely suspended in a condition of statelessness, something that most people cannot truly comprehend no matter how vivid… Read More

Special Policy Addition, Sho Shibata If war is an extension of politics, then politics is an extension of economics. South Sudan, befallen to a resource curse (paradox of plenty), teems with ongoing bouts of violence while oil investment persists in the background. As Solaye pointed out on the recent Munk Debate, party leaders did little… Read More

By Banke Sorinwa, Blog Writer “War does not determine who is right only who is left” –Bertrand Russell Syria is consistently in the news lately as it is marred by destruction and terror. Over 3 million people have fled the country  since the start of the conflict, most of them women and children, in one… Read More