Sho Shibata, Blog Writer “When the modernist dream is embraced by an absolute power able to monopolize modern vehicles of rational action, and when that power attains freedom from effective social control, genocide follows” – Zygmunt Bauman (93-94, Modernity and the Holocaust) Large parts of Syria and Iraq today lay vastly in ruin, with humanitarian… Read More

Kerry Sun, Blog Writer Traditionally, blood diamonds and conflict minerals have been known for funding conflicts around the world. Today, the trade in conflict antiquities has become a major source of funding for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in its conflict in Iraq and Syria. Antiquities such as statutes, sculptures, and other… Read More

By Nicholas Boland-Cairney, Blog Writer In the wake of recent terrorist attacks in France and the United States, the new Canadian Government’s decision to withdraw Canadian CF-18 fighter jets from the campaign against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria (ISIL/ISIS) is raising eyebrows. A considerable number of articles have been written which both defend… Read More

We at STAND Canada are always blown away by the insights we receive on the topics of genocide and human rights from  our own membership and the activists, academics and community leaders whose work informs so much of what we do. That’s why over the past few months, we have been brainstorming on new ways to share these amazing… Read More

Banke Sorinwa, Blog Writer Despite the relatively successful general elections in Myanmar earlier this month, questions about the election’s credibility remain since not all communities and groups are permitted to vote.  It was reported that the Muslim Rohingya, ethnic Chinese and Indians were excluded from voting. Since the 2010 and 2012 elections, the temporary registration… Read More