News Update

So the ICC made it’s announcement…and now the fallout. Apparently, 10 humanitarian groups have already been asked to leave, including Mercy Corps, International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, and Doctors Without Borders. These groups are responsible for millions of lives in Darfur. Additionally, the Justice and Equality Movement has just announced that it is pulling out of… Read More

Nicholas Kristof has a Q & A on the ICC arrest warrants over at the New York Times website that are worth taking a look at.… Read More

While the International Criminal Court has not actually announced yet that it is going to issue an arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, it is expected any day now. This announcement is both a big opportunity and a big danger for the people of Sudan depending on how we, and the rest of the… Read More

The past few weeks have seen some devastating violence in South Darfur around a city called Muhajeriya. Some 30,000 people fled their homes as the largest Darfur rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), battled with government soldiers and members of another rebel group called the Sudanese Liberation Movement – Minnawi. To cut a… Read More