News Update

USA Today reports that President Bashir is now kicking out every aid group in Sudan within the next year. I guess once you start, it’s difficult to stop. I worry that this is a slippery slippery slope. And with the entire world caught up in debates over financial stimulus measures, Bashir has a free pass… Read More

Dear xxxx, As you may have heard in the news, one the implications of an arrest warrant against the president of Sudan has seen Save the Children US (SCUS) along with 12 other major NGO’s getting expelled by a presidential decree earlier today.… Read More

So the ICC made it’s announcement…and now the fallout. Apparently, 10 humanitarian groups have already been asked to leave, including Mercy Corps, International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, and Doctors Without Borders. These groups are responsible for millions of lives in Darfur. Additionally, the Justice and Equality Movement has just announced that it is pulling out of… Read More

Nicholas Kristof has a Q & A on the ICC arrest warrants over at the New York Times website that are worth taking a look at.… Read More