News Update

There is an article in a recent New Yorker that gives a really good anecdotal account of life in the refugee camps in Chad. It’s a long read but full of first hand accounts, historical narratives, and in-depth commentary on the situation along the border between Sudan and Chad. It begins with this juicy line…… Read More

I. Executive Summary Canadian Politics and Darfur: With the prorogation of parliament until January 26, there have been no new developments on Canadian politics and Darfur this month. This month‟s section will therefore take the opportunity to examine the past year‟s key developments in Canadian politics regarding the crisis in Darfur. Security in Darfur: The… Read More

This just in from Stand’ers Scott Fenwick and Joel Stephanson – Thousands Made Slaves in Darfur. During the North-South war, Sudan became famous for the slave trade. Armed by the government as proxy militias, Arab tribes on the border with the South would raid Southern villages and kidnap children to sell as slaves in the… Read More

The New York Times recently had this important editorial on Darfur. It’s good to see that there is still some attention out there for Darfur, an issue that it seems many people have started to give up on. It starts with this: “In January, President Bush said this about Darfur: “My administration called this genocide.… Read More

Stand’s Darfur Digest is a monthly report which contains analysis on current events relevant to the crisis in Darfur and offers a unique Canadian perspective. It chronicles developments in four areas: Canadian politics, the security situation, negotiations and engagement, and humanitarian affairs. ————————————————————————— I. Executive Summary Canadian Politics and Darfur: Newly-appointed Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon… Read More