News Update

By Banke Kayode-Sorinwa, Blog Writer Refugee camps are presented as a place of safety and solace in times of war. However the situations at these camps may not be as expected. Some of these camps might not be safe, especially for children.… Read More

Camilla Shearman, Blog Writer Recent reports on the financial revenue of the Islamic State (IS) show a thirty percent drop due to decreased oil production and lower tax revenue. The IHS analysis company found that revenue decreased from $80 million a month in the middle of last year to just $56 million in March of… Read More

Nicholas Boland-Cairney, Blog Writer Sudan has certainly been no stranger to conflict in recent years. While the separation of South Sudan has been touted as a relative success in Sudan’s lengthy history of civil disputes, there are still multiple regions where violent conflict is all too common. In late March, it appeared as though progress… Read More