News Update

By Evan Gray, Blog Writer Last month, local media outlets in Sudan’s Darfur region reported horrifying allegations of a mass rape committed by Sudanese soldiers in the town of Tabit. According to these reports, more than 200 women and children were subjected to sexual violence on the orders of a Sudanese army commander, who mistakenly… Read More

By Evan Gray, Blog Writer It has been only three years since South Sudan achieved independence, putting an end to decades of civil war with the North. However, recent developments in the country have all but destroyed the sense of optimism that prevailed in 2011. Since December of last year, South Sudan has been embroiled… Read More

With its enormous size and almost unparalleled bounty of natural resources, you might expect the Democratic Republic of Congo to be one of the most developed countries in Africa. However, history has been unkind to this rich and fertile country. Decades of brutal rule by Belgian colonialists have been followed by years of dictatorship and… Read More

STAND Canada’s Advocacy Director Kristen Pue wrote an op-ed this week in The Varsity, the student newspaper at the University of Toronto. In the article, Kristen writes: Consumers may be inadvertently complicit in this violence through our purchases. Up to 95 per cent of revenue for armed groups is derived from the sale of conflict minerals,… Read More