My fellow advocates, Over the past few weeks, the refugee crisis caused by ongoing conflict in Iraq and Syria has gripped the world. As tens of thousands of people continue to risk their lives to flee violence and economic devastation in these regions, Canada has an obligation to reassess and change dramatically our approach to… Read More

With the ongoing conflict in Iraq and Syria on the minds of Canadian decision-makers leading up to October’s federal election, Canada’s response to humanitarian crises promises to be a significant part of the national discourse in the coming months. We at STAND Canada believe that issues related to the recognition and prevention of genocide should… Read More

Dear STAND Canada supporters,With the 42nd Canadian federal election taking place this October, it is important that STAND positions itself for the upcoming year in a manner that effectively conveys our agenda. To this end, we have spent the last several months deciding where we as an organization should devote our resources in order to maximize… Read More

Attention STAND supporters! Today (August 16th, 2015) marks the official launch of our national election campaign! As the 2015 Canadian Federal Election approaches, STAND will be ramping up its advocacy efforts in order to make sure that the issue of genocide prevention takes a central place in the ongoing campaign. To do this, we will be enlisting… Read More