Rick Casson is the current M.P. for Lethbridge. He recently sent us this letter about his position on Sudan:

Dear [Stand-Canada],

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Canada’s role in Darfur. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Canada’s support to Darfur has focused on humanitarian assistance, although armed conflict, poor transport infrastructure, and lack of government support have chronically complicated the provision of such assistance to the affected populations. Canada has supported efforts by the African Union and the United Nations to resolve the conflict in Darfur, including peacebuilding projects and diplomatic support measures for a political peace process. Canada assists affected civilian populations by providing crucial humanitarian assistance such as food aid, health care, and water and sanitation services. The Canadian International Development Agency humanitarian assistance program in Sudan is implemented through multilateral organizations, including UN agencies, and through Canadian and international non-governmental organizations.

As well, in March of this year, the Minister of Foreign Affairs visited the Sudan and announced that Canada would be investing another $275 million in the Sudan for the purposes of security, diplomacy and aid. Part of that contribution, $40 million, is dedicated to equipment and training for African troops with the hybrid force, making Canada the second-largest voluntary
financial supporter of the UNAMID (United Nations African Union Hybrid Operation).

Canada is making a valuable and noteworthy contribution to the current situation in Darfur. We are doing our best to balance our international roles in Afghanistan, Haiti and Darfur by continuing to have a positive impact, while not spreading ourselves too thin. If you would like further information Canada’s role in the Sudan, I would encourage you to look at the link below:


Rick Casson, MP
Conservative Candidate

It is wonderful to hear candidates from so many different parties highlighting the importance of Sudan. We have always been proud of the large financial contributions Canada makes to both the peacekeeping mission in Sudan and the humanitarian effort. What specifically we would like to hear more of from respectable candidates like Mr. Casson is a more pronounced emphasis on diplomacy and international unity towards Sudan.

Thank you for the letter!

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