Our current projects and campaigns are focused around the idea that every individual who dies in Darfur has a name and a story.

Conflict Free Canada Initiative

In partnership with the Enough Project, STAND Canada has launched the Conflict-Free Canada Initiative (CFCI), an international movement towards making Canada conflict free by choosing not to finance war in Eastern Congo. CFCI is a nation-wide campaign to build the consumer voice for conflict-free electronics and mining that do not finance war in eastern Congo. It draws on the power of student leadership and activism to encourage corporations and stake-holders to commit to measures that pressure electronic and mining companies to take responsibility for the minerals in their supply chains, which have been contributing to the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo.

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Parliamentary Engagement

STAND Canada also speaks with Members of Parliament and about the issues that matter to us.  Here’s an overview of what we do:

  1. Parliamentary Engagement: We schedule meetings with Members of Parliament, Senators and bureaucrats. The focus of this continuous engagement is to educate parliamentarians, inform them of possible actions they can take, and to get the issues that matter to us onto the policy agenda.
  2. Consultation: Stand consults regularly with various organizations and people to share our ideas, stimulate our own thinking, and combine efforts in areas/projects that we agree upon.
  3. Policy Development: Although Stand continuously examines its policy recommendations, currently, we are conducting a complete review. The purpose of this review is to refine our existing recommendations and introduce new ones in such a way as to be more adoptable for MPs in the current climate.
  4. Election Planning: Elections are a great opportunity to get candidates talking about issues that are important to Canadians. That is why Stand has a dedicated election advocacy team who is working on getting Darfur on the policy agenda in the next federal election (whenever it is to take place).

STAND Conferences

Every year, STAND advocates from across the country meet to discuss ideas and share best practices. Conference sessions and workshops feature experts in advocacy, management, media, and a myriad of other skills to help make STAND advocates the best in Canada.