Since last month, the allegations of human rights abuses in South Kordofan have only increased. Human Rights Watch has reported that tens of thousands of civilians are in grave danger. With UN peacekeepers and humanitarian agencies forced from the region and no international presence to report on what is happening, a recently leaked UN report indicates that mass killings are taking place.

Despite these indications of ethnic cleansing, our government has remained relatively silent about the current situation in Sudan. Though Minister Oda recently reiterated Canada’s support for South Sudan, the near-daily bombings in South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions of Sudan have remained unacknowledged by our members of parliament.

Fortunately, the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade contains a task force dedicated solely to Canada’s pursuit of sustainable peace throughout the Sudans. The Sudan Task force focuses on diplomacy, aid, and security in both Sudan and South Sudan. Given the urgency of the situation in the region, STAND Canada has written a letter expressing our concern to the Acting Director of the Sudan Task Force, Christopher Hull.

Today, please show your support for Canada to take more public and concrete action to stop the violence in Sudan by signing our letter to the Sudan Task Force. Every signature conveys the weight of our concern for the people of Sudan. Please sign today.

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  • I am learning about these atrocities and after visiting a WWII museum with my daughter in the summer, am shocked to learn that this is happening in 2012. Something must be done!

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