We at STAND Canada are always blown away by the insights we receive on the topics of genocide and human rights from  our own membership and the activists, academics and community leaders whose work informs so much of what we do. That’s why over the past few months, we have been brainstorming on new ways to share these amazing insights with the STAND community as a whole, with the intention of sparking a vibrant dialogue on the issues that are most important to us as an organization.

Pursuant to this goal, we are proud to announce the launch of our new STAND Canada Podcast Series. In each episode, STAND volunteers will illuminate a different perspective on the issue of genocide through  one-on-one interviews with scholars, humanitarians and policy-makers both within Canada and around the globe.

In this inaugural episode of the STAND Canada Podcast Series, our national Chapters Director, Adi Burton, sits down with PhD candidate Aden Dur-e-Aden to discuss Canada’s role in the ongoing crisis in Iraq and Syria. You can find the recording on our soundcloud page, or simply listen using the embedded player below.

This is part 1 of the first episode of the podcast. Make sure to check back with us in a week’s time for part 2.

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