A world without genocide | Un monde sans génocide

By Maria Simeonova, STAND Canada Policy Director As two of STAND’s primary regions of focus, STAND is alarmed by recent and continuous developments concerning Myanmar and South Sudan. Over the course of the last few months, the humanitarian situation in both countries has deteriorated. Separate United Nations Special Panel Commissions within Myanmar and South Sudan… Read More

By Farah Bogani, Blog Writer   On October 25th 2016, Canadian parliament unanimously passed a motion to resettle members of the Islamic State (ISIL)-targeted Yazidi community in Canada by February 2017. For years, the predominantly Kurdish religious minority has been subjected to the brutality of ISIL whose use of sexual slavery, prevention of Yazidi births,… Read More

By Nicholas Boland-Cairney, Blog Writer           Out of the 4.5 million people who have fled Syria since the onset of the civil war, a mere 162,151 have been offered resettlement. The vast majority await their fate in camps throughout Syria’s neighboring countries. It’s no wonder that an overwhelming amount of international… Read More

By Salma Hees, Blog Writer   The call to “make America great again,” a call with subtexts of racism, classism, and sexism has been heard all over the world. In Canada, this call came with a unique response, an Internet campaign informing Americans that America is great, and urging the American public to stand above the… Read More

By Laura Truesdell, Blog Writer   South Africa has taken the bold step of notifying the United Nations that they have begun the formal process to sever their ties with the International Criminal Court (ICC). This news follows Burundi having also given formal notice of its withdrawal from the Rome Statute, and precedes Gambia who… Read More

By Htay Tint, Blog Writer   In 1947, The First Panglong Conference was held at Panglong in Myanmar. The father of Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK), the current leader of Myanmar, met with ethnic minorities to discuss their concerns, which led to the formation of the Union of Burma after independence from the British. The… Read More

Special Guest Blog Post by Cyrus Gearhart Sie   Even by relaxed standards, most Canadians probably agree that Canada is significantly impacted by immigration. But how much do we know about it? For example, how many people knew about the Immigration Loan Program (ILP) before last year? By now, you might be familiar with the ILP and… Read More

By Laura Truesdell, Blog Writer One of the most troubling aspects of Canada’s Immigration Loan Programme (ILP) is the degree to which it fails to live up to humanitarian standards in international law. This discrepancy is significant even in comparison to the less-than-perfect refugee resettlement programs of other countries such as the USA and Australia.… Read More