A world without genocide | Un monde sans génocide

This month we examine the recent surge of violence between the Lou Nuer and the Murle tribes in the South Sudanese state of Jonglei, analyze the economic situations in the Sudans, and review the recent parliamentary visit by the Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association (CAPA) to South Sudan.… Read More

A summary of the news from the Sudans and the DRC the past two weeks. Click on the title for the full article. SUDAN & SOUTH SUDAN New Ethnic Clashes in South Sudan Claim 57 Lives On January 11, about 60 Murle fighters massacred 57 Lou Nuer civilians in northern Jonglei state in response to… Read More

This month we look at developments in South Sudan, examine the violence that has erupted in Jonglei State, and give a chronological update on events following the elections in the DRC. Plus, STAND Canada’s Deputy Advocacy Director comments on the organization’s decision to release its first ever policy recommendation regarding Canada’s involvement in the Democratic… Read More

2011 ended with STAND Canada’s decision to make some very important changes to our mandate and structure. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way.  In 2011, we witnessed many historic events, including the birth of the world’s newest nation, South Sudan. We also witnessed the people of Libya’s freedom from their corrupt… Read More

This month we  look at developments in South Sudan, the peace and the negotiation process between the Sudans, Contextualizing the DRC conflict, and a policy update from the STAND Canada team. Click here to download the pdf.… Read More