A world without genocide | Un monde sans génocide

Here at Stand-Canada, we’ve been talking for quite some time about the dangers and difficulties associated with the camps for Internally Displaced Persons and refugees in and around Darfur. Today, the New York Times has a really good article illustrating some of the problems associated with the camps, particularly the upending of traditional authority structures… Read More

For all you Winnipeggers out there… Tutsi genocide survivor and human rights activist speaks at the Berney Theater, Asper Jewish Community Campus December 9, 2008 (WINNPEG) The Jewish Students’ Association/Hillel in partnership with the East Indian Students’ Association, The African Students’ Association, Walk4Darfur and STAND are proud to present Eloge Christian Butera on January 8th,… Read More

The New York Times recently had this important editorial on Darfur. It’s good to see that there is still some attention out there for Darfur, an issue that it seems many people have started to give up on. It starts with this: “In January, President Bush said this about Darfur: “My administration called this genocide.… Read More

While the Canadian government is in shambles, Stand’er Ben Fine recently sent me this article about US President-elect Obama’s new choice for UN Ambassador. Like Clinton, it is expected that Obama will make this position a Cabinet-level position, critical to making foreign policy decisions. This could very seriously represent a change of US policy when… Read More

Stand’s Darfur Digest is a monthly report which contains analysis on current events relevant to the crisis in Darfur and offers a unique Canadian perspective. It chronicles developments in four areas: Canadian politics, the security situation, negotiations and engagement, and humanitarian affairs. ————————————————————————— I. Executive Summary Canadian Politics and Darfur: Newly-appointed Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon… Read More