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Reports are already coming in of government attacks following the ceasefire. Now is the time when international outrage should be loudest.… Read More

The comments below do not reflect the official position of Stand, but are intended to start a discussion: While governments, groups and individuals are issuing statements left, right and center about the announcement of a ceasefire by the Government of Sudan, it is sometimes difficult for us concerned to really have any idea what it… Read More

Ceasefire called by government accused of genocide in Darfur: what does this mean for Canada? Sudanese President Omar-al-Bashir recently announced a unilateral government ceasefire in Darfur. This release provides contacts to help make sense of what this means for Canada. On Tuesday, November 12th Sudanese President Omar-al-Bashir announced a unilateral ceasefire in Darfur. He stated… Read More

With the news that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has declared a ceasefire in Darfur as part of the government’s peace initiative, the Canadian media is suddenly swamped with stories about Darfur. Personally, I believe this presents a very real opportunity for the international community. Everyone should therefore take a minute to either write a letter… Read More

Stand’s Scott Fenwick recently sent around an article that has been generating some discussion on email so I thought I would transfer it to the blog where everyone can pipe in. The article is written by a Mr. John Bolton, who if you haven’t yet heard of him, is famous for being the only US… Read More