A world without genocide | Un monde sans génocide

Here’s a Letter about Darfur from David McGuinty, the incumbent candidate for Ottawa-South: October 11, 2008 Dear Stand Canada, I appreciate having the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the tragedy in Sudan. The brutality in Sudan has reached staggering proportions. Civilians have starved, been beaten and raped, and hundreds of thousands have died… Read More

This just in from Paul Dewar, NDP candidate seeking re-election from Ottawa-Centre: Thank you for writing regarding Canada`s role in the crisis in Darfur. It is an issue that I have worked hard on in Parliament. New Democrats are united in their support for all efforts to end the violence against civilians in the Darfur… Read More

Here’s a heartfelt note from Todd Smith, Green Party candidate for Miramichi: I would like to thank you for your efforts! I am ashamed by the yearly abandonment of peacekeeping. The conflict of Darfur is not ‘another’ conflict in Africa, the history of weapon build up from Cold War politics along with global warming has… Read More

Irwin Cotler has an op-ed in the National Post today entitled “The Issue this Election Forgot.” In case you can’t tell from the title, this article is right up our alley (e.g. see every other post on this blog). Below are a few excerpts and comments: In this federal election campaign, important questions about Darfur… Read More

This just in from Laura Bisaillon, Green Party candidate for Charlottetown: I offer several thoughts on Darfur: First, Elizabeth May is the candidate who first made and routinely makes reference to Darfur. She impresses the need for concerted and effective action in Sudan. You will have read about her ideas and those endorsed by the… Read More