A world without genocide | Un monde sans génocide

Everyone interested in an in-depth look at Darfur from a counter-insurgency perspective should really check out the commentary over on one of my favorite blogs, Abu Muqawama. It’s really interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was recently “on the ground” in Darfur and Khartoum, talking with rebels, government officials, and Khartoum residents. There… Read More

This (hopefully) should be the first of many posts following up on the elections last month. Stand’ers were out in big numbers all over the country, hosting events with candidates, asking candidates tough questions on Sudan, volunteering with big supporters of Stand, and generally making some noise over Darfur. For some evidence, see some of… Read More

With all the excitement over the elections over the past few weeks, events in Sudan have been a little ignored. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the situation has improved at all. In fact, it may just be getting worse again. To update everyone on the situation, I would like to highlight an article in the… Read More

As part of the Speak the Name campaign, Stand’ers have offered publicity as well as the occasional volunteers to politicians who talk about the issue of Darfur on the campaign trail. Here’s a picture of Stand’s own Ben Fine with Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the Liberal candidate for Etobicoke, in exchange for his past commitments to Sudan… Read More

Here’s a Letter about Darfur from David McGuinty, the incumbent candidate for Ottawa-South: October 11, 2008 Dear Stand Canada, I appreciate having the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the tragedy in Sudan. The brutality in Sudan has reached staggering proportions. Civilians have starved, been beaten and raped, and hundreds of thousands have died… Read More