A world without genocide | Un monde sans génocide

Guest Post: Bobbie Whiteman This sunday was Winnipeg’s second annual Walk/Run for Darfur. It was a really great turn out, close to three hundred people participated, a Winnipeg radio celebrity from a popular radio station kicked the whole thing off, we had support from numerous provicial MLA’s and of all the federal candidates that the… Read More

Dear [Stand-Canada], Thank you for your letter. I too am very concerned about Darfur. Having been a Deputy Director for 25 years and dealing with social and health issues daily, when I retired I wanted to make a difference a difference and loned CANADEM (Canada’s registry of experts available to the UN) and was looking… Read More

Guest Post: Jackie Bonisteel One week to go until Election Day, one more week to get candidates talking about Darfur! You may have heard Dion mention Darfur briefly during the leaders’ debates. It can be disappointing to constantly see the crisis tagged on as an after-thought to discussions of Afghanistan, but at least it seems… Read More

Below is a letter from Carolyn Scott, the Liberal candidate for Sackville-Eastern Shore: Thank you for raising the profile of the tragedy and travesties which are occurring in Darfur. The genocide in Darfur is a blight on the reputations of so many responsible governments in the world, governments who are standing by as so many… Read More

This picture of Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion with Stand’er Brianna Ames was taken in Toronto on September 28. Following the debates, we sent his office the following note: I just wanted to take this opportunity to ask you to pass a message along to Mr. Dion thanking him for mentioning Darfur in both the… Read More