Stand has received significant media coverage over the year, both informing Canadians about Darfur, while also inspiring Canadians to act against genocide.

Highlights of our media coverage include:

  • Features and statements from Stand about the South Sudanese Referendum:


  • “Rock the House” campaign led to over 6000 letters being sent to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • “10,000 voices for Darfur” culminated in a press conference on Parliament Hill, after a 12,000 signature petition had been presented in the House of Commons
  • Well over 100 candidates from all political parties supported Stand’s “Speak the Name” election campaign, with 51 supporters being elected to Parliament
  • Stand has staged two national conferences, providing in-depth leadership and advocacy training to over 115 young leaders from coast-to-coast.
  • Stand has staged numerous rallies, with our three biggest (two in Toronto and one in Alberta) each attracting thousands.
  • Stand’s targeted divestment campaign is active on several campuses that began work after the successful campaign at Queen’s University in 2007.

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