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Special Guest Blog Post by Policy Writer Renata Marshall   Despite the flaws in the ILP program that we at STAND have pointed out, the Government of Canada did opt to waive the travel costs for 25,000 Syrian refugees who arrived in the period from November 2015 – February 2016. Waiving these costs has meant that these… Read More

Special Guest Blog Writer, Gloria Palubjakova   The Immigration Loans Program (ILP) helps government assisted and privately sponsored members of the convention of refugees abroad and countries of Asylum with loans covering, The costs of medical examinations abroad Travel documents Transportation to Canada.… Read More

By Laura Truesdell, Blog Writer One of the most troubling aspects of Canada’s Immigration Loan Programme (ILP) is the degree to which it fails to live up to humanitarian standards in international law. This discrepancy is significant even in comparison to the less-than-perfect refugee resettlement programs of other countries such as the USA and Australia.… Read More

Post by Blog Writer Laura Truesdell Refugee advocates have long contended that Canada’s Immigration Loan Progam is in dire need of reform, a perception that was recently echoed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in its own official analysis of the program.  At this point it seems clear that Canada’s Immigration Loan Program in its current… Read More

Despite Canada’s action taking in 25,000 Syrian refugees in a few short months, overlooked is the fact that Canada’s assistance to refugees isn’t free to refugees. Rather, it comes in the form of an interest-bearing loan, worth up to $10,000. The truth is that refugees admitted to Canada are expected to pay the government back… Read More