Today is the last day to apply for Stand’s 2010 Advocacy & Training Conference! A sneak preview of some of the fantastic guest speakers who will be at the conference is below.

Applications are due at 11 pm EST – Click here to fill out an application online.

Confirmed Guest Speakers:

Scott Proudfoot (Director, Sudan Task Force)

Scott Proudfoot is the Director of Sudan Task Force in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The Sudan Task Force was established by the Canadian government in order to coordinate Canada’s contribution to the pursuit of sustainable peace throughout Sudan.  In his role, Proudfoot leads the Canadian diplomatic effort on Sudan issues such as supporting the implementation of CPA, helping in Darfur peace talks and supporting UN-African hybrid force in Darfur, supporting  peace in Eastern Sudan and reconstruction in Sudan in general.

Kyle Matthews (Lead Researcher, Will to Intervene Project)

Kyle Matthews is the Lead Researcher for the Will to Intervene Project at MIGS (Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies.) The Will To Intervene Project is a crucial initiative developed jointly by General Roméo Dallaire and Dr. Frank Chalk of MIGS that is spearheading the fight against genocide by building domestic political will in Canada and the United States to prevent future mass atrocities. He joined the project after having worked as a diplomat with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the Republic of Georgia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Switzerland.

Byrne Furlong  (Daisy Consulting Group)

Byrne Furlong is part of the executive team of The Daisy Consulting Group which advises people, corporations, associations and governments on public policy issues. Originally from North Bay, Ontario, Byrne has worked for Members of Parliament at both the provincial and federal levels. She continues to be actively involved in politics, and is also passionate about raising awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as well as the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

More expert speakers to be announced this week.  Apply Today!

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