Keep Peace on the Agenda

Canada will be hosting world leaders at the G7 summit in Quebec on June 8 and 9. From atrocities against the Rohingya, to the effects of genocide against women, and the underlying causes of armed conflict, Canada has the opportunity to put some of the world’s most pressing issues before some of the world’s most powerful leaders.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s role as summit meeting chair gives Canadians a unique opportunity to be heard, and have a say on the G7’s agenda this year. You can act right now and tell PM Trudeau to put women, peace, and the root causes behind armed violence on the agenda before world leaders.

CLICK HERE to send a tweet to PM Trudeau, asking him and other G7 leaders to do their part to build a more peaceful and secure world – one of the summit’s key themes. The tweets link to a G7 policy paper by U.S.-based Mercy Corps.

Trade disputes between G7 leaders risk overshadowing issues critical to world peace, but you can do your part to keep peace on the G7 agenda.

Scott Fenwick
Executive Director, STAND Canada

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