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About STAND Canada

STAND Canada is a national advocacy organization with chapters across the country that advocates to make preventing and ending genocide a cornerstone of Canadian domestic and foreign policy. We are dedicated to providing Canadians with the educational and advocacy tools that they need to take action toward a world without genocide.

Since its founding in 2005 in response to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, STAND has become the leading organization in Canada for youth-led anti-genocide advocacy. With university chapters across Canada, our volunteers are driven by our joint vision and passion for human rights, political advocacy, genocide education, and the social responsibility of Canadians. STAND Canada currently has four focus regions: Darfur/Sudan, Iraq/Syria, South Sudan, and Myanmar.

We ask for a commitment of at least a year, particularly for our senior roles. If you are unsure of your schedule for the next year, we still encourage you to apply as we are happy to discuss your time commitment to STAND.

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week
The successful candidate will be a critical member of STAND Canada’s national advocacy team. This individual will work with the current Advocacy Director to be the leading role in the organization’s engagement with decision-makers in Ottawa, as well as in working with other like-minded organizations.. This is an excellent and ideal opportunity for a senior university student, recent graduate, or professional in the workforce.

Key Responsibilities of an Advocacy Co-Director

STAND Canada has four focus regions: Darfur/Sudan, Iraq/Syria, South Sudan, and Myanmar.  As a member of the STAND Canada advocacy team, you can work on:

  • Campaigns: Work with STAND Canada on developing and executing nation-wide advocacy campaigns related to anti-genocide advocacy;
  • Political Advocacy: Facilitate and attend meetings with Members of Parliament and other decision makers in Ottawa and across Canada as part of our political strategy efforts;
  • NGO Outreach: Build relationships with other non-governmental and advocacy organizations for collaborative campaigns and projects;
  • Community Outreach: Build relationships with community organizations affected by genocide in Canada and abroad (e.g. diaspora communities from our focus regions);
  • Research and Resources: Work with the team on conducting research pertaining to advocacy projects and campaigns and create resources for chapters (e.g. fact sheets, campaign handbooks, etc.);
  • Team-Building: Participate in advocacy and campaign training provided by STAND Canada and Advocacy Team/STAND Canada meetings, events, and conferences

The Advocacy Co-Director will be expected to:

  • Implement the organization’s advocacy strategy, including government relations and lobbying, policy direction and development, research, and partnerships and development;
  • Manage the Advocacy branch, including the Deputy Directors, lobbyists and researchers;
  • Chair the Advocacy Steering Committee;
  • Engage with members of Parliament and decision-makers;
  • Participate in all of the group’s activities, such as training, team meetings and special events;
  • Research as it relates to our advocacy efforts;
  • Communicate with and respond to STAND Directors’ emails and messages in a timely manner;
  • Take interest and actively participate more broadly in other aspects of STAND, such as attending virtual town halls or advocacy team calls, as required;
  • Stay informed of the policy developments and on-the-ground developments of the situation in Darfur/Sudan, South Sudan, Iraq/Syria, and Myanmar;
  • Stay informed of comments made by politicians pertaining to genocide/human rights;
  • Other duties as required.

At STAND, we are looking to build youth up so that you can engage in political advocacy with skill and confidence. Those without substantial advocacy experience will be provided with training and opportunities for role expansion based on their demonstrated commitment and passion throughout their tenure as volunteers.

The ideal candidate will have or be willing to learn some or all of the following skills, knowledge, and experience:

  • Political advocacy and strategy (ideal but not required);
  • Human rights (specifically genocide);
  • Working with non-profits and non-governmental organizations and developing those relationships;
  • Building relationships with community organizations, including diaspora communities in Canada affected by genocide and Indigenous communities in Canada affected by genocide;
  • Proven exceptional oral and written skills, with experience in professional correspondence;
  • Responsible, reliable, and self-motivated individuals, capable of working in a virtual team environment on their own time with minimal supervision, meeting deadlines, and answering emails within 48 hours;
  • Knowledge of human rights issues, political science, international relations, international development or a related field;
  • Knowledge of Canadian politics and the parliamentary system, along with experience in politics or political organizing;
  • Experience working or volunteering with political parties or advocacy campaigns an asset, but not a requirement;
  • Understanding, or ability to become familiar with the way in which policy is advocated to the Government of Canada
  • Preferable, but not required: Familiarity with the conflicts in Iraq/Syria, Myanmar, Darfur/Sudan, and South Sudan;
  • Understanding, or ability to become familiar with the geopolitics of the regions;
  • Reliable and independent – can work under bi-weekly or monthly deadlines with minimal supervision;
  • Ability to manage and motivate volunteers, particularly working remotely through our virtual offices
  • Comfortable utilizing online and electronic mediums for communication and will respond to emails quickly;
  • Self-motivated, strong organizational skills, and detail-oriented
  • Residence in close proximity to the Ottawa/Gatineau area for most of the year prefered but not required;
  • Bilingualism / fluency in French is valuable, but not required

STAND Canada is a leading organization for youth-led political advocacy. We were created by and for youth, providing real opportunities for you to pursue your passion for human rights advocacy and learn along the way in a supportive, friendly environment.

Our work environment appeals to responsible, reliable, and self-motivated team-players, capable of working in a virtual team environment on their own time, meeting deadlines, and answering emails within 48 hours. Our work is completed through our online project management software and Google Suite with meetings conducted through video conference calls. As such, you can volunteer from anywhere with a good internet connection.

Volunteer with STAND!

To apply, please fill out the application form. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis as they are received and will close when we have filled the position.

Please visit to see all volunteer opportunities available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources team at

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