Volunteer with STAND Canada!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for STAND. Please note that we are unable to offer paid internship opportunities. We are all volunteers at STAND Canada, driven by our joint vision and passion for human rights.


To apply, please fill out the application form. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis as they are received and will close when we have filled the position. We are hoping to have the bulk of our recruitment completed by April 2018. If you have any questions, please contact the recruiting team at hr@standcanada.org.

Position Deadline Team
Advocacy Team Member March 31, 2018 Advocacy
Chapters & Engagement Deputy Director March 31, 2018 Chapters
Chapters & Engagement Team Member March 31, 2018 Chapters
Graphics Designer March 31, 2018 Communications
Social Media Coordinator March 31, 2018 Communications
Blog Writer March 31, 2017 Communications
Policy Researcher March 31, 2017 Policy

Interested in contributing to STAND outside of these roles? We are a flexible organization always happy to chat about how you can fit with us, either on a hands-on (e.g: research) or a managing (e.g: Deputy or Director) position. Email Alison at hr@standcanada.org!

Why Volunteer with STAND Canada?

  • Connect with a team of young adults who share an interest in human rights and politics. We are a non-partisan organization and the majority of our volunteers are senior university students or millennials in the workforce;
    • We organize conferences at least once every year to convene with our volunteers, chapters, and like-minded individuals and organizations. We have met with former Members of Parliament, scholars, and community activists. Please view our Conferences page to learn more;
  • Flexibility
    • Work remotely, from anywhere and anytime (while meeting your deadlines), as we do most of our work online;
      • You do not have to be living in Canada to volunteer for most positions. You are required to attend team, and at times  and National meetings, so please ensure you coordinate with your Co-Directors accordingly;
    • Room to grow for you and for our organization
      • You are not confined to the position you apply for, and we welcome your ideas and skill contributions to different areas of our organization. We are constantly evolving while maintaining the stability of our organization;
      • Shape your role if you wish! Bring your skills, experiences, ideas, as long as you complete core functions of the role. Or, propose a new role within STAND!
  • Be Engaged
    • STAND is a nationally-recognized advocacy organization with chapters across Canada. Directly influence STAND’s policy recommendations which appear in our digest, blog, and which are proposed to government officials;
    • Have your research published on the STAND website and circulated to other NGOs/government organizations/Members of Parliament;
    • You will receive full credit for your work, so you will be able to gain experience and build your portfolio;
    • Professional development (ie:working effectively with a team that is geographically distributed).
    • Successful volunteers will receive a reference letter from a STAND Director.