Genocide is often hard to come to terms with because of its enormity and complexity. In addition, it does not affect our everyday lives- so why should you care?

Our world today is more globalized and connected than ever before and within this global community we are all neighbours.  Our basic link as human beings connects us to all corners of the earth, including the Sudans and other conflict ridden regions.

The reality is that genocide kills men, women, and children. Most often the most vulnerable of these groups are victims for reasons completely out of their control. Genocide kills because of skin colour, ethnicity, religious belief, or just pure hate. Although it is difficult to conceptualize, these mass acts of hate occur in our world today- and they are unacceptable.

Ultimately, we all want what is best for our community and all those living in it. Apathy is one of the most deadly causes of any conflict and actually works to fuel mass atrocities as the world stands by. Perpetrators of genocide can target vulnerable groups, but what happens when the world joins forces and deems it unacceptable? This is our mission at STAND and we urge you to join us in our efforts to progress towards a peaceful future.

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