Guest Post: by Jackie Bonisteel and Anne Wagner

Stand has listed Glen Pearson as one of our “supporters”, but this designation does not come close to doing justice to the London North-Centre MP’s incredible work for Darfur. Glen is a different kind of MP – his concern for the causes close to his heart take precedence over any political division. Glen is a man on a mission – using federal politics as a venue to bring attention to some of the world’s most pressing issues, whether they be on the local or international plane.

One of the issues closest to Glen’s heart is Darfur. In fact, Sudan may be the issue closest to his heart—he and his wife Jane have adopted three Sudanese children. Before Glen came to office, he and Jane had travelled to Sudan many times, and have long been vocal advocates for Canadian response to the crisis. Glen has since expanded his yearly travels in order to bring Parliamentarians, national media and Standers along with him. His hope is that once Canadians see what is happening with their own eyes, they—like he—will be unable to look away.

Since coming to office, Glen has continued to actively advocate for Darfur, both in and outside the House of Commons. Here are some prime examples of his work:
– engaging the President and Board of Directors at the University of Western Ontario to commit to divestment
– hosting many local concerts as fundraising benefits for Sudan
– in conjunction with Stand, speaking to Canadians in a cross-country tour focused on Darfur

– speaking at numerous Stand events, conferences and community events to raise awareness about the crisis

Stand remains non-partisan during our election campaign, but there are certain individual candidates whom we would be remiss not to openly support. Glen Pearson’s presence in Parliament is hugely valuable to both Canadians and the people of Darfur.

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