Yesterday marked a huge step forward for Canada, as MP Paul Dewar of the NDP tabled a federal bill on conflict minerals, asking companies for transparency and accountability when sourcing minerals from the Great Lakes Region & Congo!

The Conflict Minerals Act (Bill C-486) was introduced to the Canadian House of Commons at a press release yesterday. The bill seeks to implement the guidelines developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to end the trade of conflict minerals into Canadian law. These guidelines at the Canadian level would require companies using minerals from the Great Lakes Region of Africa to publicize their supply chain and due diligence practices and ensure the minerals they use in their products have not financed illegal armed groups engaged in the Congo’s war. Not only would this mark one step in improving transparency and accountability within Canadian mining industry abroad, but it would also be the first country to incorporate the OECD guidelines into legislation.

In tandem, Mr. Dewar has also launched the Just Minerals Campaign—a project that runs in partnership with STAND Canada’s Conflict Free Canada Initiative. The campaign will work to raise public awareness and petition the Government of Canada to cut Canada’s ties to Conflict Minerals.

The campaign is similar to the efforts more than a decade ago that led to controls on the spread of blood diamonds, which were used to finance rebels in West Africa. It has been done before and can most definitely, with your help, be done again for conflict minerals.

Help Canada become a world leader in demanding transparency for our minerals. Sign and share our petition today to make Canada Conflict- Free.