Make Canada’s Response to Trump’s Refugee Ban Count

Donald Trump’s anti-refugee executive order has created chaos, where Syrian and Iraqi refugees are now stranded in American airports. But you can do something now to help them.

One concrete thing Canada can do this week is suspend its Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States. Under it, refugees screened by the US, but now detained in US airports cannot claim asylum in Canada. Call your MP’s office as soon as possible to call for its suspension, as it will enable refugees stranded in US airports to apply for refugee status in Canada.

MPs debated Canada’s response to Trump’s ban until midnight last night and flooding your MP’s voicemail will help press this agreement’s urgency. Trump’s anti-refugee executive order is stranding Syrian and Iraqi asylum seekers right now, thus re-victimizing survivors of genocide.

Please also contact your MP to call upon Canada to boost the number of Syrian refugees privately sponsored by “Groups of Five” people allowed into Canada. As of January 25, only large organizations are allowed to privately-sponsor Syrian refugees into Canada for the rest of 2017. Smaller organizations, including groups of five people, were only allowed to sponsor a total of 1,000 Syrian refugees this year. This cap must be lifted, as the US no longer accepts Syrian refugees.

STAND will also be starting new phase of our campaign to #LiftTheBurden on refugees. Before our petition is presented in Parliament by MP Jenny Kwan, we will be contacting MPs for meetings while they are in their ridings for constituency week (February 27 to March 3). Participants will join three teams and will receive training, support, and hopefully visit MPs in teams. Sign-up now to join teams in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Scott Fenwick
Executive Director
STAND Canada

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