Climate and Conflict: Preventing Collective Violence in a Warming World Prepared by: Michelle Choe Summary Climate change presents environmental and societal challenges, where rising sea levels have already led to forced displacement, food insecurity, and climate refugees. Increasing evidence shows that climate change is directly correlated with occurrences of collective violence and genocide. As climate… Read More

The STAND Canada Strategic Policy Report: Rohingya Crisis – Through in-depth research and analysis, STAND Canada has produced a strategic policy report on the Rohingya crisis. Background Since gaining independence from Britain in 1948, governance in Myanmar (Burma) has been largely unstable, changing hands between military and civilian governments. The first coup took place in… Read More

The Harsh New Realities of Afghan Women and Girls Under the Taliban During their ruling in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, the Taliban  imposed strict restrictions and laws that violated the human rights of Afghan civilians and coerced them into following their own austere version of Islamic law. Under the Taliban regime, women and girls… Read More

Amidst grappling with the disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, a grim discovery around mid-year 2021 has shone light into one of the darkest chapters of Canadian history. Since May 2021, media outlets have been buzzing with various historical counts of the crimes against humanity perpetrated against Indigenous peoples by the Canadian government. On May 27,… Read More