Evan Gray, Blog Writer In 2010, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) elected its first semi-civilian government since gaining independence from Britain in 1948. Since then, the country has experienced a period of rapid reform under President Thein Sein, leader of the military-dominated Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). Although recent reversals have caused many to… Read More

Chad Rickaby, Blog Writer The situation in Syria continues to deteriorate rapidly. Antonio Guiterres, the second term High Commissioner, has stated that the situation in Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis since the Rwandan genocide. The resulting refugee crisis is a tragic humanitarian disaster that should be considered of direct concern to the global community.… Read More

Sho Shibata, Blog Writer A standard approach to preventing genocide emphasizes understanding the causes that culminate in such violence. The origins of such mass, systemic violence can often be linked to phenomena such as Civil War and ethnic tension among different groups. However, we must be mindful that attributing a single event as the catalyst… Read More

Talha Sadiq, Blog Writer Syria’s civil war has now entered its fourth year with the civilian death toll rising by the day. According to estimates, over 200,000 people have died and millions have been displaced by the ongoing conflict. The UN estimates that more than 12.2 million Syrians are in urgent need of assistance. Despite… Read More