By Evan Gray, Blog Writer Usually, we think of an anniversary as a positive milestone, a time to look back on past accomplishments and celebrate the progress that’s been made over the years. However, as 2015 rolls around, marking the 10-year anniversary of STAND’s founding in response to the multiple humanitarian crises in Sudan, there… Read More

By Chad Rickaby, Blog Writer The Central African Republic requires immediate attention from, and action by, the global community. Their internal conflict – simplified to be mainly between Christian militias operating under the name ‘anti balaka’, and the Muslim (ex)‘seleka’ group (claimed to have disbanded, but many members remain armed and violent) – has created… Read More

By Sho Shibata, Blog Writer A majority of public dialogue around the ongoing crises in the Middle East condemns the aggressive geo-political expansion of ISIS’ (or ISIL – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant) strategies and goals. This expansion has spurred a humanitarian crisis in the region and in particular in Northern Iraq.… Read More