STAND Canada is proud to support the Conflict Minerals Act, also known as Bill C-486. The bill, introduced March 26th, 2013, would require Canadian companies to exercise internationally recognized due diligence standards to keep mined minerals from fueling conflict and funding groups engaged in human rights abuses.

The Conflict Minerals Act is is set to go to a Second Reading vote scheduled for September 24th, 2014.  STAND Canada is launching a campaign to mobilize Canadian citizens to encourage our Members of Parliament to vote in favour advancing this bill to the committee stage.

The first step to taking part of this campaign is to sign STAND Canada’s petition, which has been launched based on our policy recommendation on To spread the word on our petition you can:

  • Use your social media accounts to promote the petition;
  • Send emails to students, colleagues, friends and family encouraging them to sign the petition; and
  • Reach out to similar organizations and encourage them to join our campaign.

More information about this STAND campaign can be found on the Conflict Minerals Act section of the website, as well as the blog over days and weeks ahead.

Extracting, processing, purchasing, and trading minerals in Africa’s Great Lakes Region has perpetuated a conflict that has claimed the lives of over five million people. This critical piece of legislation enforces accountability and transparency for Canadian companies that directly or indirectly use conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold).

By supporting the bill, the Government of Canada would be initiating a plan of action that is international in scope, principled in its approach, and responsible in its intentions. And by joining our campaign, you would be working to raise awareness, push for change, and be involved in a movement that is truly international in spirit.

Scott Fenwick
Executive Director, STAND Canada