By Camilla Shearman, Blog Writer The following is an excerpt from STAND Canada’s Roundtable Discussion on Iraq and Syria held on September 10th, 2015. Contributing to the conversation were STAND Canada’s Policy Co-Director Priya Ramesh and UBC Chapter Vice President Julian D’Souza, moderated by Chapter Co-Director Adi Burton. A link to the full discussion can… Read More

Action Alert – Syrian Refugees

Post-Election Update:
Thank you for your interest and efforts in sending an action alert to the Canadian federal government! We have disabled the form as several ministers will have not been re-elected and we are currently experiencing a government in transition.
In the meantime, please support our efforts by signing our Youth Anti-Genocide Declaration!

This Wednesday at about 5:30pm Eastern time, our Members of Parliament will vote on Paul Dewar’s Conflict Minerals Act. If you haven’t already, please sign our online petition telling Canada’s MPs to support the bill. If you can spare the time, please also email your local MP today to support the bill. In situations like… Read More

As Parliament resumes today, it is important important more than ever to email your MP to support Paul Dewar’s Conflict Minerals Act. Members of Parliament are due to vote on the bill in the coming days, and your vocal support is key. Visit the Conflict Minerals Act page of the STAND Canada website about emailing… Read More

STAND Canada is proud to support the Conflict Minerals Act, also known as Bill C-486. The bill, introduced March 26th, 2013, would require Canadian companies to exercise internationally recognized due diligence standards to keep mined minerals from fueling conflict and funding groups engaged in human rights abuses. The Conflict Minerals Act is is set to… Read More