| Update Prepared by:  Madanpreet Kaur, Policy Researcher  December 2020  Indigenous communities are a historically disadvantaged vulnerable group in Canada. First Nation reserves were disproportionately affected by the Spanish flu in 1918 and the H1N1 Influenza pandemic in 2009. Lack of access to proper health care facilities, housing, unemployment and poverty, food and water insecurity… Read More

Prepared by: Amy Mersereau, Policy Researcher   The Uyghur Population & the First Wave At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 was declared a global public-health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO), and continues to spread around the world. The disease has had a devastating impact across the globe as it is fatal to many… Read More

Written by Brian Weatherby, Policy Researcher. For over a decade, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been developing a system for monitoring and managing citizen behaviour known as ‘social credit’. The social credit system draws on mass data collection and analysis to assign citizens a credit score reflecting their “trustworthiness” and then allocate corresponding rewards… Read More